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We are blessed with a plenty of resources at our disposal. First and foremost it is our
management team - experienced individuals who has been in the international travel and tourism industry for decades.

Each of us once represented well known international brands like Kuoni, TUI, Shangri-La,
Qatar Airways and Best Sri Lankan hotel chains- such as John Keells Hotels & Connassance Hotels. We know how a Tourist service provider, a travel agent fell like when it comes to
travel business as well as the expectations of a tourist who plan a trip years ahead.

Today, at Condred Holidays we are pooling all our experience to assist you to meet your
expectations to its best.


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Beaches in Sri Lanka

SL is a paradise of unlimited sun, see, sand and surf all year around.
The coast often twists and curves in to little nooks, bays and coves , ideal romantic hideaways.
the clear, blue and peacock bright Indian ocean at a warm 27C, kisses the beaches.

Sun Worshippers, Prepare to stretch out. Curl your toes in the fine bronze sand and get a glorious tan on sun drenched, palm caressed beaches that adorn over

A 1000 miles of the coast in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has 02 main coasts located in either side of the island, the eternally popular southern coast and the newly discovered east coast...
Scenic in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka in an island, often described as the ‘pearl of the Indian Ocean’ or the ‘teardrop’. However, despite its tiny size, Sri Lanka is blessed with rich bio diversity and an abundance of natural beauty.

Majestic waterfalls cascading from mist tipped mountains, Lush dense forests Sanctuaries for tropical wildlife, Tea estates, Deep green paddy fields, Golden, sun bronzed beaches, Sri Lanka has it all!
Plus the island has lively villages worth visiting to get an authentic experience of the island...
Culture, Festive & People

Sri Lankan Culture can be experienced in many ways. Historical architectural site, Preserved art forms, culural shows, Rituals, and People, all this has a story rooted to it it’s culture.

Visit the ruins of old dagebas or temples, Buddha statues, cultural museums and workshops of masks and crafts. Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Yapahuwa and Sigiriya showcase to perfection the rich heritage of Sri Lanka.

See the sacred Bo Tree, the Sri MahaBhodiya, magnificent stupas in Anuradhapura and the complex irrigation systems or go to Polonnaruwa a UNESCO World Heritage...
Culinary Services in Sri Lanka

It is a journey filled with spices and aromatics when you feast on the uniquely Sri Lankan dishes. Of course the culinary culture of this island nation has had many influences that have culminated in the mouthwatering masterpieces you will get to enjoy.

Historical evidence proves that Sri Lanka or Ceylon as it was called was known as far back as the 14th Century for its spice trade.

With the colonization of the country by the Portuguese, Dutch and the British the influence on the local cuisine was strong and helped to create food that is an amalgamation...
Bliss in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka upon arrival you are greeted with an ‘Ayubowan’ which means ‘May long life upon you’. It is all part of an Antidote to the stressed mind and body.

This becomes a reality when you enjoy the healing benefits of a Ayurvedic holiday in Sri Lanka.

This ancient form of healing uses all natural products to cleanse the body of impurities and brings a closer connection with the mind for all round wellbeing.
The practice of Ayurveda has been around for over five thousand years and nowadays you get Ayurveda Spa treatments in Sri Lanka...